MFP-Fluoride for Osteoporosis

Why prescription medicines cost so much

You may have heard that the FDA Approved teriparatide (brand name Forteo) with much fanfare about it being "the first approved (osteoporosis treatment) that stimulates bone formation instead of slowing the breakdown of bone." Of course, it is only the first in the US, as MFP-Fluoride has been approved overseas for that purpose for some time now. The two main differences are (1) Forteo, which is patented, needs to be injected once a day and will sell for around $20 per dose whereas MFP-fluoride can be taken as a capsule once a day for next to nothing, and (2) Forteo will carry a "black box" warning explaining that animal studies showed an increase in the number of rats developing osteosarcoma, a rare but serious bone cancer, whereas the safety of MFP-Fluoride has been well demonstrated over decades of studies. Of course, it is quite possible that Forteo can help more severely osteoporotic patients than MFP-Fluoride can, and there is nothing bad about patients and doctors having treatment options. It's just a shame that MFP-Fluoride will not be one of them.

The scientific proof that MFP-Fluoride is a safe and effective treatment for osteoporosis

The end of the story?

Sadly, Marcus G. Grodberg passed away June 5, 2002, his decades long effort to make fluoride available for the treatment of osteoporosis still short of fruition. Despite scientifically valid and statistically significant findings that low-dose MFP-Fluoride was (at the time) unique among osteoporosis treatments in stimulating bone formation (as opposed to slowing down bone loss), the commercial "barriers to entry" set up by the FDA and the drug companies have kept this, like so many other effective and low-cost treatments, off the market.

This site will remain available as a reference for the immediate future, in the hopes that it may be of some support to those still carrying on the battle and to those considering joining it. We also hope the information here will help warn those considering using other fluoride products as "off-label" treatments for osteoporosis about the dangers of doing so.

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